Internet 1996 World Exposition

The high bandwidth version of this yearlong event is probably the most advanced webpage of that year. An explanation of this comprehensive look into 1996: “As we leave the industrial age and enter a new age of information, it is time for a new kind of world’s fair. This one will continue throughout 1996. This is the first world’s fair where anybody can open a pavilion, where anybody can participate.

Cyberspace is part of the real world, and this fair is not a virtual project. Though different in many ways from the industrial age expositions, this is nonetheless a real world’s fair: over $100 million in resources from industry and governments all over the world has been contributed to make this a world’s fair for the information age.

It is also an ever-changing fair. We opened our construction site on January 1, and construction will continue throughout the year as people add pavilions, places, and events.”

The site still has something like 25,000 indexed pages, so explore away!