Nowadays we have the Internet to help us with the Internet. In the early days, it wasn’t so easy. We instead had to turn to books. The interest in the Internet skyrocketed from 1993-1998, and seemingly every author wanted to jump on the “How-To Surf the Web” bandwagon. Search engines essentially did not exist, and web directories were a novel concept. Consumers turned to thousand-page print directories to navigate the web. As a result of both the ignorance of web users and young age of the Web, dozens of books related to the Internet and World Wide Web were published in this time period.

Typically, books focused on topics such as:

  • Using Telnet, Gopher, FTP, and newsgroups
  • Connecting via Mosaic, and then Netscape
  • Internet white and yellow pages
  • Directories by category (government, children, science, law, games)
  • Connecting schools to the Internet
  • Online business

However, many became somewhat obsolete upon publication due to the multitude of new sites appearing every day. Early directories (pre-1996) lacked a CD-ROM, so all sites would have been manually entered. Moreover, early niche sites had a tendency to disappear (as owners lost interest, switched hosts, or began a new project) and links easily went sour. Today, these books remain relics from the past but will always provide a historical insight into the excitement of the times. Additionally, a few early Internet VHS tapes can be occasionally found on eBay.

A list of dated Internet/WWW books from 1993-1997 that can be found on Amazon:

  1. The New Internet Navigator: Paul Gilster: Books
  2. The Mosaic Navigator: The Essential Guide to the Internet Interface: Paul Gilster: Books
  3. The Web Navigator: Paul Gilster: Books
  4. Finding It On the Internet: The Internet Navigator’s Guide to Search Tools and Techniques, Revised and Expanded, 2nd Edition: Paul Gilster: Books
  5. Internet Power Searching: The Advanced Manual (Neal-Schuman NetGuide): Phil Bradley: Books
  6. Internet in A Nutshell: Valerie Quercia: Books
  7. Whole Internet: User’s Guide and Catalog – Academic Edition (Nutshell Handbook): O’Reilly, Ed Krol, Bruce Klopfenstein: Books
  8. New Riders’ Official Internet Yellow Pages: Christine Maxwell, Czeslaw Jan Grycz: Books
  9. New Rider’s Official Internet Yellow Pages 1997 (Que’s Official Internet Yellow Pages): John Sleeva, Amy Bezek: Books
  10. Internet World’s on Internet 94: An International Guide to Electronic Journals, Newsletters, Texts, Discussion Lists, and Other Resources on the Int (Mecklermedia’s … Internet World, Internet Yellow Pages): Tony Abbott: Books
  11. The Internet Yellow Pages (Internet Yellow Pages, 3rd ed): Harley Hahn: Books
  12. Internet World¿ Internet Yellow Pages, The: Gregory B. Newby, Mecklermedia Corporation: Books
  13. The Internet Health, Fitness, & Medicine Yellow Pages (Internet Health, Fitness, and Medicine Yellow Pages): Matthews Naythons, Anthony Catsimatides: Books
  14. The Internet Science, Research, and Technology Yellow Pages (Internet Science, Research & Technology Yellow Pages): Rick Stout, Morgan Davis: Books
  15. The Internet Kids Yellow Pages: Special Edition (1st ed): Jean Polly: Books
  16. The Educator’s Internet Companion: Nancy Skomars: Books
  17. Educator’s Internet Companion: Classroom Connect’s Complete Guide to Resources on the Internet: Tim McLain, Vince Distefano, Gregory Gianocavo, Christopher J. Mautner, Chris Noonan Sturm, Dennis Shirk: Books
  18. The World Wide Web Unleashed 1996: John December, Neil Randall: Books
  19. The Internet Via Mosaic and World-Wide Web: Steve Browne: Books
  20. Using the World Wide Web (User Friendly Reference): David Wall, Karen Cooper, Dave Gibbons, Gregory J. Hathaway, Jim Minatel, John Taschek: Books
  21. Internet and World Wide Web Simplified: Ruth; Whitehead, Paul Maran: Books
  22. The Internet for Dummies Quick Reference: Quick Reference: John R.; Young, Margaret Levine Levine: Books
  23. Netscape and the Www for Dummies, First Edition: Paul Hoffman: Books
  24. World Wide Web Searching for Dummies, First Edition: Brad Hill: Books
  25. The Internet for Dummies 2nd Edition: John R. And Baroudi, Carol Levine: Books
  27. The Internet for Teachers and School Library Media Specialists: Today’s Applications Tomorrow’s Prospects (Neal-Schuman Netguide Series): Edward J. Valauskas, Monica Ertel: Books
  28. The Internet White Pages/1994: James S. McBride, Seth Godin: Books
  29. What’s on the Internet/Winter 1994-95: Eric Gagnon: Books
  30. How to Access the Federal Government on the Internet 1995: Washington Online (How to Access Federal Government Information on the Internet: Washington Online): Bruce Maxwell: Books
  31. Writer’s Internet Sourcebook: Michael Levin: Books
  32. Internet Economics: Lee W. McKnight, Joseph P. Bailey: Books
  33. What’s on the Web/1995/1996: Internet Media Corporation, Eric Gagnon: Books
  34. What’s on the Internet, Summer/Fall 1995: Eric Gagnon: Books
  35. Gopher It!: An Internet Resource Guide for K-12 Educators: Gail Cooper, Garry Cooper: Books
  36. The Internet Publishing Handbook: For World-Wide Web, Gopher, and Wais: Mike Franks: Books
  37. Finding It on the Internet: The Essential Guide to Archie, Veronica, Gopher, Wais, Www (Including Mosaic, and Other Search and Browsing Tools): Paul Gilster: Books
  38. Mosaic Access to the Internet: Daniel A. Tauber, Brenda Kienan: Books
  39. Mosaic Quick Tour for Windows: Accessing and Navigating the Internet’s World Wide Web: Gareth Branwyn: Books
  40. The Internet Roadmap (9780782118902): Bennett Falk: Books
  41. The Internet Guide for New Users (9780070165113): Daniel P. Dern: Books
  42. The Internet Companion Plus (9780201627190): Jeanne C. Ryer Tracy L. Laquey Albert Gore: Books
  43. The Internet Companion: A Beginner’s Guide to Global Networking (9780201407662): Tracy L. Laquey: Books
  44. How the Internet Works (How It Works Series (Emeryville, Calif.).) (9781562764043): Preston Gralla, Joshua How the Internet Works Eddings, Sarah Ishida: Books
  45. How to Use the World Wide Web (9781562765392): Wayne Ause, Scott Arpajian, Kathy Ivens: Books
  46. Web Site Source Book 1996: A Guide to Major U.S. Businesses, Organizations, Agencies, Institutions, and Other Information Resources on the World Wide Web 1996 (2 Per Year) (9780780800953): Darren L. Smith: Books
  47. The Internet International Directory/Book, Cd-Rom and Map (9781562763299): Mitzi Waltz: Books
  48. The Whole Internet Users Guide & Catalog: Books
  49. Internet: The User’s Guide for Everyone (9780828320139): Bill Junor, Chris Demontravel: Books

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